Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail...

Actually, to be completely and perfectly honest, their names are not Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, but rather, Thumper, Benjamin, and Mr. Chub Chub. And now that you are completely confused as to what I am talking about, I shall return to the beginning and relate the events which occurred...... It was late in the evening on Sunday April 17th, the night had fallen and everything outside was cloaked in darkness. The Sauve family's one and only canine, with the appellation "Baby," was perusing the yard sniffing curiously around when suddenly she came upon a scent that intrigued her, and immediately began to follow her nose to the source. Inside the Sauve family had noticed how long their dog had been outside, and called her in. But not before they noticed some funny squeaking noises coming from the yard. So when Baby continued to want to go outside, some of the humans decided to investigate.

This is what we found. 5 adorable helpless baby bunnies. Two of them perished that night as a result of naughty Baby playing with them, but the other three survived and flourished. They are the little creatures name Benjamin, Mr. Chub Chub, and Thumper, respectively.

When they first arrived their eyes were still closed as well as their tiny little ears pressed flat against their adorable heads.

By the end of the next day though, two of them had opened their eyes, peering around at the big and scary world around them.

Now they all have their eyes and ears open, and are THE cutest things in the world. Yesterday I took the little bunnies outside for some time in the grass and a photo shoot.
(WARNING: the next few photos hold toxic levels of cuteness, proceed at your own risk)

Please call for visiting times for the bunnies. They have a busy schedule.


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