Thursday, May 19, 2011

Derby Day

Two Saturdays ago (yes I am abominably behind) I was priviledged to help out at "Derby Day," the fundraiser for Banbury Cross Therapuetic riding center. It was an amazing learning experience, as well as some of the most fun I have had this year. Following are a few pictures that I picked, and when you realize that I have 191 photos of the event, you can understand how I had such a hard time picking some to share with you.

To of the Bryson girls and I were set to work setting tables, and the setting must be exactly so or they must be redone.

The color scheme was red and black and everything looked marvelous with the stark red against the deep black.

The roses in the vase are real, the petals on the table, not so much;)


Once we were finished with the first part of the set up, we (the volunteers) took a break for lunch.

As soon as we were finished refreshing ourselves, we returned to work, before getting cleaned up and changed for the start of the big event.

At 3:30 people began to pour in to the revamped arena, the ladies displaying quite a variety of hats and outfits.

There were all sorts of different fundraisers around the arena. One of them was a flower sale (since it was just before Mother's day) tended by engaging Carrie.

As soon as the banquet dinner was well on its way, we all turned into waiters and waitress and started "busing" tables. Which was a learning experience all on its own.

There also was an auction where they auctioned off the sponsorship of the horses as well as many donated items.

Smiles at the end of a long day!

So now, a few pictures later, this post is finally done. Please stay tuned for updates, I am really trying, and I have so much to say.

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