Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Carp Hunter

Once upon a time there was a young man (Josiah) who delighted in being outdoors in Gods nature. He enjoyed studying about different animals, and more than all else he enjoys spending time by his family's (our) pond.

Recently he noticed, due to the extra wet spring and flooding, that there were three new unwelcome residents of the pond. Carp. These fish, Josiah had studied, are a detriment to society, therefore he took it upon himself to rid the pond of these evil creatures. He was helped in his endeavor by his Uncle Warren who lent him a harpoon. One day Josiah was on the pond perusing it's contents by the vantage point of his canoe, when he spotted one of the vulgar creatures. He cornered it along the side of the pond and speared and killed it.

Sadie found the 20 inch long fish extremely entertaining and proceeded to sniff it out while Josiah returned to the pond for the next trophy, which he was not too long in securing.

Josiah was trying to herd the Carp as before when it darted into the stream which merrily flows into the pond. In an act of desperation, Josiah hurled the harpoon hoping to at least get it close enough to one of the spectators that he or she might use it. But to everyone's surprise when Josiah's harpoon landed there was a thrashing and squirming... Josiah had hit the other Carp!!

Even more for Sadie to check out. We as a family are very proud of our mighty hunter and his God given skill. ~Chs


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Ahaha. Nice "story" and glad that those evil creatures are no longer inhabiting your pond! :)


Miss Antoinette

Anonymous said...

So... you ate those? :-)

Sauve Family Blog said...

Ilka- No, actually we used them for fertilizer in the garden when we planted our corn.:) ~Chs