Monday, May 30, 2011

The INCH Conference

As a family, we have not had the opportunity to attend many conferences, so I was very excited that this spring four of us at least (Dad , Mom, Josiah and I) were able to make it to the INCH conference in Lansing. I have so many pictures and had such a hard time picking which ones to share with you, but I finally decided to just show you one of each of the lectures we went to, as well as some miscellaneous photos just for fun.

The first session that we listened to was two separate special talks by Eric and Leslie Ludy. Leslie spoke on "Set apart femininity" and Eric (very passionately according to Josiah) on "The Sacred Code of Honor."

We had lunch down by the beautiful Grand River. It was just the right temperature, lovely!

Though I have heard Dr. Voddie Baucham many, many times, I have never heard him speak in person, so this was extra neat. This particular message was on family discipleship. As always, Mr. Baucham, was passionate, humorous, poignant, and brought across many points of truth.

Eric Ludy spoke at the next session, and I was very blessed by his message on wrestling prayer.

Grace and Truth, was Mr. Ludy's next subject, and a very truth laden one.

There was an hour break for dinner, and for change of pace we took a nice walk down the block to a local restaurant.

Clara's station.

It was the neatest little diner; the walls were covered with interesting pictures, paintings, and other paraphernalia.

As we strolled back towards the Lansing center, we were given a beautiful view of the Capital building which was at the end of the street.

When we returned to the conference center, they had a time of recognition of the 2011 graduates before the keynote session.

The speaker was once again Dr. Baucham.

When Voddie Baucham finished, we walked out, the first day terminated, the second to come, and with tired fingers and full brains we made our way homewards.

The next morning found us up bright and early to make it to the first keynote session by Eric Ludy. Personally I seemed to write more notes earlier in the day than later, so this first message resulted in pages and pages of notes to be reviewed later.

During the next few workshops we split up, Josiah and Dad going one way, and Mom and I in another, one of the sessions we did attend was on "True Love" by the Ludy's. They did an excellent job on showing you should teach your children to focus on their one and only true love, Jesus Christ, and to build a personal relationship with Him before anyone else.

As on Friday, we were joined by friends for a delightful lunch by the river before slipping into the exhibit hall to check out all the booths.

The afternoon and "last" keynote speaker for the day was again Voddie Baucham. One thing that struck me about Mr. Baucham was the deepness of his voice; it resonated around the hall.

In one of the smaller workshops that afternoon, the Ludy's gave a talk to young people about being set apart and sanctified to God, and God alone.

By this time my little hand had gotten quite worn out, but Josiah still plugged away, jotting down all that interested him.

On the last session of the day, we split up again and Mom and I were able to attend a wonderful talk on the prelude to being a Proverbs 31 woman.
It was a wonderful conference, and I am so glad that some of us were able to attend it and that I have lots of notes so that I can pore back over the lessons taught.


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