Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Fourth - Part One

Our fourth started as usual at the historic courthouse for the reading of the Declaration.

Mr. Ervin of the Heritage Research Institute put together the event and there were a good number of people dressed up in period costumes.
A "courier" arrived with the declaration.

(Thanks to Timothy Bryson for the first three photos)
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Mr. Ervin read the Declaration of Independence.

The event, though not as well attended as in previous years, was a wonderful time of listening to singing and speaking on our Nation, the men who built it, and the God they honored!


When we had finished in town, we headed back to our house to prepare for the next event of the day.... The much acclaimed Hadley Parade!!!

Of course we all had to put on our very best clothes, including Sadie Rose and her sister Daisy, whom we were babysitting. Are not they the cutest things!!!? We had so many people stop us and ask if they were twins:)

We reached Hadley to once again find it full and overflowing. I have never seen such an explosion of population like there is in Hadley every Fourth of July!

After staking out seats under a big shady tree, we headed down to the field to peruse all the old cars on display.

We wandered around the parade ground until the parade was about to start then hurried back to our seats.

Daisy sat with Faith and waited patiently for the parade to wind itself past us.

Here they come!

First the Horses...

Then the Tractors!

Next drove through a beautiful display of colors, in the shape of classic cars.

One of the most famous entries of the Hadley parade,"Kalerfornia er' Bust":)

There were many very creative entries that I did not photograph, but this "boat car" was extremely unique and creative. I wouldn't mind having one of those:)

Our friend and neighbor Daniel was invited to ride in one of the cars in the parade.

Now I am going to end this lengthy post with a very singular photo. While both Faith and I expected and saw many other dogs and puppies being walked around Hadley in and around the parade, this one surprised us a little. Look closely, yep, it's a cat! :)


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Wow, what fun! :)
I loved that wooden car...too funny! That is the second person I have seen walking their cat like a dog on a leash....it just looks so wrong. hahaha

In Christ,

Miss Antoinette

Sauve Family Blog said...

Though I have heard about "walking Cats" this was a first time I had ever seen it, and I had a hard time to keep from gawking. It does look so wrong:)
Thank you for the comment!