Monday, July 18, 2011

The Week of Celebration

Align CenterLast Friday was Mom and Aunt Carmen's Birthday (they being twins), but our celebration started on Tuesday, due to complicated situations that would be a labor to write about and a bore to read. Nevertheless, though Tuesday was the beginning of the parties, it was certainly not the last, and so I will here give you a sampling of pictures from our fun filled week.

Tuesday evening found us in Port Huron for our annual Cathy and Carmen Birthday picnic by the river.

And as usual Mom and Aunt Carmen amused us with their antics as they sang Happy Birthday to each other:)

This year the cake was a German Chocolate one (which by the way did not come from Germany; go look it up:) Messy but rather tasty!! It was a wonderful evening and very cool down by the river.

On Friday (the real Birthday) we went on an adventure, exploration, journey, expedition, or to be plain, a trip.

Though long, the car ride was bearable because of the beautiful scenery that flew by.

After an hour or so our destination was reached. Croswell swinging bridge park.

After a lovely picnic lunch Josiah, Faith, Mother and I headed off on the trails in the woods behind the park.

One of the trails opened up into a beautiful (but steaming hot) meadow, strewn with pretty flowers.

Once we had collected enough flowers we headed back to the park and onward to the bridge!

The Bridge was first built in 1905, it is 139 feet long and consists of 128 planks supported by cables.

When the bridge was first built, (to allow the sugar factory workers easy access across the river) it only had those two cables that supported the planks. Much to our relief, two additional cables acting as handrails, and a fence were added for safety. Some of us still had trouble making it across! :)

We made our way home via one of our favorite bulk food stores, and spent the evening in relaxed enjoyment... With cake of course:) This time a chocolate zucchini one, with mocha frosting!! Thus ran our busy week of celebration!

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