Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Photos

Though the tomatoes are not quite ripening by the dozens yet (due to this gorgeous, yet early cool weather) our garden is still a place of beautiful harvest. The other day I was outside picking some vegetables, fruits, flowers etc. and since I had my camera with me, I also came away with many pictures which Faith suggested I share with you all. So let me show you our garden.

In the back half of the garden, broccoli and kale, beans and onions, tomatoes and peppers all coincide in harmony.

This year we "strung" our tomatoes and they seem to have enjoyed it, because they are healthy and so bushy that it is difficult to walk between rows!

Smattered here and there at the end of rows are bright beautiful flowers, just enough to lend a splash of color to the green.

Some of the flowers were planted purposely by humans, but all the sunflowers were volunteers.

The front 12 rows of the garden house cucumbers (both pickling and slicing)...

Lettuce (which is actually sprinkled in and out all around the garden)...

4 rows of very healthy corn (which we now realize is not near enough for a family of 7)...

Big, fat, orange carrots (which are rather too large in diameter, if you ask me:)...

and rows and rows of bush beans (some of which decided that they were really pole beans:).

Our vegetable garden is along the west side of our yard which is lined with a chain link fence, and clambering and climbing all along the fence is a grape vine. The picture above, is of our faithful and steadfast "Grapevine Guardian" Garter snake.

The "Vegetable Garden" is just one out of four of our official gardens. Right behind our fence lies the sprawling Squash and Pumpkin patch, which is hedged in by potatoes.

Our Butternut Squash have taken a while to set on (the picture is of one of our volunteer squash plants in the compost/weed pile) so we are hoping for enough warm weather that they will ripen in time.

Last but not least (besides our Strawberry patch of course) is the melon patch. We have never succeeded with melons, in fact our watermelons have never gotten bigger than 4-6 inches in diameter and were always green, and our cantaloupes never came at all.
We were overjoyed this year to find our melons actually growing, and while we don't have near as many melons as could be reasonably expected from the number of plants we have, there is one beautiful watermelon which has exceeded our expectations, and is currently as large as any melon seen in the store! There are also about a half dozen-or-so cantaloupes around the size of a softball.
I think that gardens, almost more than anything teaches you patience, reliance, and trust on God's providence. Because you can only do so much to the plants. The harvest... That is up to God.


Miss Antoinette K. said...

I just loved seeing the recent photos of your garden! it looks absolutely lovely and what a blessing that it is abounding in produce this year! What fun! :)

It is very true that gardening teaches you patience, and relying on the good Lord to provide for harvest. What amazing lessons we can learn from growing makes me want to grow even BIGGER ones in the years to come, I just love it so much! <3

Our little garden is doing very well and are enjoying it's bounty as well! It has grown so much, I'll have to share some photos with y'all soon!

Praying your weeks is going well and y'all have a blessed weekend!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Miss Antoinette

Sauve Family Blog said...

Antoinette~ I am glad you liked the pictures of our garden! I have so many (even more now) that I just had to share some. I would love to see some pictures of your garden as well. Even "little gardens" can be so much fun (and hard work too!).
Thank you for your prayers!