Thursday, September 08, 2011

Garage Sale Days

 It was a warm Thursday morning in August when we began the first of two consecutive garage sales!!
It has been 4-5 years since our family has held a garage sale.  When we lived in the subdivision it was nearly an annual happening, looked forward to by all of us children.  But since we moved to the country we have been rather too busy to even think on the subject.  Until now.
We did not have very much stuff to get rid of, so we offered to host a Multi-family garage sale for some friends of ours. 
Down at the end of the driveway I set up shop with our baked goods/produce stand.  This was a habit we had got into down in Riverview, and sometime the bake  sale profits rivaled those of the garage sale.
One of the most interesting items at our garage sale, were the multiple boxes of license plates that Mr. Reiche brought.
They sold like hotcakes, especially during the first garage sale!
We were very grateful for help from some of the children of the families involved.  I especially would have been lost without my "assistance" at the bake sale/produce table.
God blessed us with beautiful blue skies for all but one of the days, and it was comfortably warm with a gentle breeze.  Gorgeous!
(Happy Customer!)
Sadie was thrilled with her first garage sale.  She was allowed to lay in the shade of the oak all day long, wagging at all the people that came and went, and barking at any shadow of a dog.
It was a wonderful and rather successful experiment, this first country garage sale of ours and we quite enjoyed ourselves.  But, I think we are definitely done with garage sales...
  For this year at least!:)

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