Sunday, August 28, 2011

WIT Conference

Thanks to blogger's new and improved website (finally!), I am now pleased to present to you a post that should have been up two weeks ago.
It was the 11th of August when Faith and I took to the road (I, with my newly acquired drivers license!) and left our homeland of Michigan for a conference in Indiana.
 The WIT conference was held at the beautiful and serene (except when the train went thundering by early in the morning) Verity campus.
 The messages were thought provoking, and life changing in many various ways.  More complex than I can summarize for you with the limited number of words at my disposal.
If I had to pick one of my favorite aspects of the conference, it would have to be how they gave you time to reflect after the sessions, sometimes with your small table group, and other times alone.

We made many new friends,
Both Human and animal:)

My very sweet table group,
and Faith's group of girls.

These are the 9 girls that we smashed into one room.  Very cozy!!
Faith and I are very glad that we were able to attend this conference, and are thankful to God for all we learned there.

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