Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn: Bike Rides, Beckoning Roads, and Evening Strolls

Autumn, is slowly slipping away, and so is October!  So I thought I would post some random pictures as well as photos from an evening autumnal walk, as a tribute to Autumn.
Biking has always been a favorite past time of Josiah and I, so we took advantage of the glorious October days to fit in a couple of biking adventures.

On our second bike ride we took along our friend Matthew, and traveled along back dirt roads edged with flaming trees.
"Oh, glorious beautiful Autumn, with your riot of color spread,
Green and gold and scarlet, underfoot and overhead,
The blue of the sky for background, and on the horizons edge,
The colorful trees in their splendor, ere their leaves begin to shed,
The green of last summer's grasses has all been overrun
With red, white, gold, and bronze, and purple chrysanthemum.
God dipped into His wealth of colors and, with lavish and loving hand,
spread a glowing finger painting to grace our beloved land."
~Marguerite Auvil McCoy~

"Clear and crisp, the days of harvest...
As red leaves begin to fly, spread in breezy Autumn splendor underneath a matchless sky."
"Come walk with me along the country lanes as Autumn weaves her brilliant tapestries;
No mortal hand could blend such vivid dyes nor drape the woods in mantles such as these."
~Mina Morris Scott~
"You cannot hope to enjoy the harvest without laboring in the field."
It was a calm Sunday afternoon, when for the first time since early summer, our family was able to take time for a stroll in the nature sanctuary near us.
The Golden maples were at the height of their glory, and the sun shone down peaceful evening rays.
"Bring the glory of autumn into our souls, the peace of God to our hearts,
We bow our heads in reverent grace for the blessing this season imparts."
 The hikers:)
Josiah: "The Lord saves".  Josiah is our most enthusiastic hiker, always wanting to go for a walk or bike ride. Eager to be continually outdoors.

Christianna: "Follower of Christ".  I too enjoy walking in God's creation, and always have my camera along with me to document the wonders around me.
Faith: "Confidence, belief".  Faith is always the one to first notice the flora and fauna around us.  Her knowledge of wild flowers, and God's nature in general is constantly being used.
"The phrase "working mother" is redundant."  ~Jane Sellman~  This quote perfectly describes our hard working Mumsie, yet she still finds the energy to go on walks with us.
My poet Dad enjoys spending time in peaceful woods, and is always pointing out beautiful objects and interesting angles for me to take pictures of!
I love how the trees seem to make a bower over them, and the ponds reflection.
"What if you woke up this morning and discovered the only things you had left were the things you had thanked God for yesterday."  ~Terry Shock

"Therefore I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among the Gentiles, And sing praises to Your name."
~Psalm 18:49~

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