Thursday, September 29, 2011

To Paradise and beyond.

September 5th marked the 30th anniversary of Paul and Cathy Sauve.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we, their children, sent them off on an adventuresome journey to the far off lands of the Upper Peninsula.

 Their first stop was Paradise.
Their room looked right out onto Lake Superior; the view was fabulous.

The next day they traveled out to Whitefish point.
The picture above is a ship's rudder, magnificently enormous!!
The wind buffeted the Lake creating spectacular waves,
and the shore was scattered with unique pieces of drift wood.
The next stop was the Tahquamenon falls.

"We were there!"
They visited a number of other smaller falls, one of them being Mother's favorite, the Wagner falls.

When the falls had been exhausted, they took the pictured rocks tour. 

Magnificent cut outs and caves passed their view.

Along the bay stood the old light house, weather beaten yet still standing sentry.

There last stop on the voyage was Mackinac Island, the grand hotel came into view as they took the ferry to the Island.

Mom and Dad were very blessed to be able to abide in the same Inn that they had stayed in 30 years ago on their Honeymoon.

They were served an elegant dinner followed by a exquisitely sumptuous dessert.

Retiring to their room they found it luxurious and...

magnificently decorated.
The last day of their little get away was spent touring the island by bike.

They visited Arch rock,

as well as some other of the historical sights, before turning in their bike and gathering their luggage for the homeward voyage.

God blessed them with beautiful sunny weather their entire stay, while the rest of us down here were enduring cloudy and wet weather.  They were very blessed by the time they were able to spend together, and brought home many pictures and even more memories.

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