Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sledding, Puzzles and Sleeping Doggies

Last week we were blessed with a substantial amount of snow.  Enough to shovel;)  In fact, after scraping clean half of the deck, Josiah was able to make our first snow slide of the year!  Making our own "sledding hill" is an annual tradition here at the Sauve house, and now with a deck and stairway, it doesn't take as much snow or preparation.
As far as we know, this was Sadie's first sight of a heavy snow fall, and it was definitely her first time going sledding.  She wasn't sure about getting on the sleds at first, but once she was on she had a blast and would always jump out at the end and run circles crazily cavorting around you.
She will even bring your sled back up sometimes, though whether she brings it to you depends on her mood;)
The sled hill provided much fun and enjoyment while it lasted, but alas, it soon perished under the sun and following rain.
Inside we have begun our winter puzzle craze; we are currently on our fifth puzzle.
The second puzzle was a picture of a wedding ring quilt.  It was beautiful once it was done, but it probably took us the longest to finish.
Right now Baby's dog days consist of sleeping eating and occasionally going outside for maybe 5 minutes at the longest.
Her favorite spot is the couch, and being a old and feeble doggy we allow her.  She looks so cozy and comfortable curled up like a little red fox on the couch, that we just don't have the heart to kick her off. 
Really, she is quite a wise dog and knows that the best part about winter is curling in a cozy corner and taking a nap, blissfully unaware of the weather outside.  Or so Baby thinks:)

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