Saturday, February 11, 2012

The VERY last of the Apple Cider

 I know you would think that it being February, we would be all done with cider making, but we had "squirreled" away a few bushels of apples in our newly finished cellar, and as soon as we found the time and a nice warm day, we invited some friends over to help us finish up.
 The girls had fun running around out back and playing with the animals before we were ready to start with the apples.
Holding the chickens and "walking" the goats were two of the most favorite activities.

Soon everything was set up and the process began.  The little girls watched with interest as the "grownups" chopped up the apples and took out all the bad parts.
But when we were ready to start the grinding, everyone wanted a turn, down to the very littlest!

With their very competent help, we soon finished all the apples, ground and then smashed them and then headed inside for a snack for all the hard working cider makers.
It was a wonderful time of fellowship and we are very grateful to now have all of our cider done.  Hmm... now we just need to make some applesauce! :)

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