Friday, March 09, 2012

The Early Birthday Bash

Grace was born on March 8th, that is an undeniable fact.  But.... since Dad was leaving for California (which is a whole other story on it's own), we decided to celebrate Grace's Birthday on Monday, March 5th.  So dear Grace will really have a whole week of celebrations this year!!:)
Grace's elaborate menu included: Brined and roasted Turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, Buchty rolls, and the delicious Cashew Salad, all topped by a flavorful gravy.  (all except the salad that is ;)

Dinner was enjoyed by all, and then we rushed through clean up before showing a slideshow of Grace's life.

Josiah always has a creative way of wrapping his presents.  This year his materials included duck-tape! :)

Instead of a cake, this year Grace requested cupcakes.  So chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting were produced.
Happy 26th Birthday Grace!!!


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