Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The First Rhubarb of the Season

 We were very happy when we checked our Rhubarb and found it ready to pick!!  Oh the delightful tart crunch that floods your senses with mouth watering (or puckering) goodness.  Rhubarb is not for everyone, but most of us children love to just chomp on it raw!
The first item made was of course just plain delicious rhubarb sauce. (Recipe: 8 cups diced Rhubarb, 1 cup sugar, 2 Tb water; simmer and stir until sauce) We love to eat it on our oatmeal, or cold cereal, over ice cream  or even just by the spoonful.
Then we made strawberry rhubarb crisp for dessert one Sunday, equally wonderful, especially when topped with homemade creamy vanilla ice cream.
Last year when Dad and Mom where up north for their Anniversary trip, they picked up this interesting cook book called "Life's Little Rhubarb Cookbook: 101 Rhubarb Recipes."  So a couple of days ago Faith pulled it out and tried one of the recipes.
Rhubarb muffins!  They were very tasty, especially if you go by the fact that Josiah asked for a third (but then again he does that with most anything ;)
I will leave you with this amusing limerick found (but not created) by Faith.

Rhubarb when raw is so tough
           and it's leaves contain poisonous stuff,
           but when cleaned and de-soiled
   dipped in sugar and boiled, 
        then the stalks are quite tasty enough.


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