Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Newest and Currently Cutest Acquisition

So, you know you are truly farmers, when people begin to pay you in animals.
Last Friday Faith and I went to pick up a doeling in payment for some sewing that Faith had done.  Please meet "Puella May"  (Ella for short, Puella simply means girl in Latin)
Ella is an adorable Swiss Alpine (Oberhalsi) full of energy and mischief, and Sadie Rose's new reluctant companion.
Following are some (yes I have at least double the amount) pictures of Ella, who up until yesterday won the title for the cutest four legged baby on the farm.  Now, that is contested, but more on that later :)

Golf Cart Rides!

Mmmm, tasty.

Goats have the most interesting eyes, don't you think?  Kind of opposite of cats.

Because Ella is an orphan and neither of our goats want her, she is currently being bottle fed.  Boy does she love her milk!  We are very excited and thankful for this expansion of our farm, and we our even more excited about some other certain things, which I will be sure to post about...... when I feel like it!  :P

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