Saturday, June 23, 2012

Softball Season

That time of year has come where once or twice a week we hurry through our dinner, pile in the vehicle, and go watch our men play softball.
Josh is a very talented left fielder, rarely missing anything. 
 And is also not too bad with a bat, if I do say so myself! :)
 Dad might be the one of the oldest players on the team, but that doesn't mean he can't hit or run!  He usually plays catcher (though he says his knees are starting to complain about that:) but somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of him behind the plate.  He has also had to pitch a game or two and has done a good job.
 Sadie loves "softball season" and enjoys watching the game, giving kisses to anyone brave enough to come near her, and eating any flower you make the mistake of holding to close to her nose.
 We are always delighted when we get to sit in the shade (except for one of the first games where it got down right chilly) especially the last one when it was reaching for 90!!

 The little people are Sadie's biggest fans. I think they watched her more than they did the game.

 When the game isn't going the way you want it to, there are always flowers and berries to discover along the edge of the field. 

 Sometimes other puppies come to watch the game to.
 One of the Ladies always brings snacks for us devoted fans.  Sugar snap peas anyone?
 I believe she is the favorite person on the entire stand.
 "Father and Son"
 Our faithful and excellent pitcher. 
The season is about half way through and right now we have 5 wins 3 losses.  Not bad at all!  (oh and just to let you know the times they lost were the ones when Mom, Faith and I weren't able to be there to cheer them on :)


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