Monday, July 30, 2012

The Creatures Declare the Glory of their Creator

A couple of weeks ago Josiah noticed that the little female hummingbird that has been hanging around, had a reason for her loitering.
 A perfectly formed, magnificently tiny nest, perched on a small branch in our maple tree.
A few days later, when momma hummer was off her nest, Josiah and I were able to spot two adorable baby beaks sticking out of the nest.  
To me Hummingbirds scream their Makers creative power.  They are so tiny, yet so complex.  So vulnerable, yet so fast.  God has created them with so many mechanisms, I am constantly amazed at their ability to maneuver.  Seriously it's not every bird that can fly backwards with out wind blowing them.  And the way they zip in and out back and forth, side ways, up, down, hold still, hover.  Mind blowing.
Manifesting the glory of God.


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