Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIT Conference 2012

Last year Faith and I attended the Whatever It Takes Singles (WIT) conference for the first time.  We were so very blessed by it, so when the time rolled around again this year, Faith and I were ready to go, excited to see how God would continue to work this year.
Faith and I have a wonderful agreement when it comes to road trips.  She drives, and I hold the maps and tell her where to go.  
When we arrived at Verity, we were met by our dear friends from Wisconsin that we had met last year.

The conference was wonderful, and the LORD really was able to show both Faith and I many things through the speakers.

After the first session Thursday night, everyone was split up into table groups.  Faith and I were each blessed with a wonderful group of girls.
We made new friends, caught up on old ones, and learned many, many things.
Though our room didn't hold as many people this time around we still had a lovely time getting to know the other girls.  God blessed our time there immensely and we are extremely grateful for the teaching, friendship and memories that we have.


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