Thursday, August 30, 2012

Horse Show!

 August 25th was the much awaited date; the event, the Horse Show at Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center.  The Horse Show served the purpose of a type of Open House for Banbury and also as a time when our riders can show off their accomplishments of the year to all their family and friends.  Faith and I volunteered for the day to help, and arrived early to finish set up before the actual classes commenced.
Though not there main fundraising event, Banbury did have a bake sale table and the famous "Walking Tacos" and hot dog stand.
 Soon the time had arrived and the first class was saddled up and riding. All the volunteers and riders received horse show T-shirts, so there was a lot of blue around.  It was a little confusing sometimes :)
 There was a total of 11 classes that day!  Each of them had 3-5 riders in them and ran for about 20 minutes or so.  
 It was so much fun watching the different riders, especially when they would go by the fan stands!  So proud of their riding and all they could do.
 The riders at Banbury come in all shapes and sizes, some of them so small that when they dismount it takes them a couple seconds before they reach the ground :)
 Faith and I not only sported matching shirts but Cowboy hats as well.  Oh, we were not trying to confuse anybody at all!  Nuhuh!   :P  
 The sun was brilliant and at the beginning of the day there was not a cloud in the sky. 
 At noon, we had a break from classes, and there was a driving demonstration with Dolly, the adorable Quaterlinger!  Dolly and her cart were all decked out in sunflowers for the special occasion, so sweet!
 Then our program director and her adorable little girl were able to go for a ride too!
 They had SO much fun!  All to soon the drive was over and classes were beginning again.
 As the afternoon wore on there were a few clouds that passed over, making the desert like arena somewhat bearable.    
 Most of the time we were having so much fun though, that we did not notice the blazing sun, and if we did, it didn't do to much to dampen (or fry) our spirits :)
 Faith and I have enjoyed working at Banbury so much, helping the children and interacting with the horses too.
There are so many personalities (both human and equine) there and it has been exciting and challenging to learn how to interact with each and everyone.   We are definitely looking forward to working there as long as the Lord leads and doing our best in whatever we do.


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