Friday, September 14, 2012

Crossroads Village: The Last Few Visits

Over this past summer the Sauve trio (Faith, Josiah and Christianna) together or separately, with or without friends, have traveled to Crossroads village to use their annual pass, and have an enjoyable and educational time.
The last week of August I took my good friend Megan for the day.
We walked the village, and went for a train ride.
We of course rode in one of the antique coaches :)
Then we had a delightful lunch under a shade tree by the gazebo, complete with Clementine IZZE!!
Then (because the photographer in me couldn't pass up such a great opportunity) I had a mini photo shoot with my beautiful and talented friend.
"Friends and sisters in Christ!"
The little white chapel.
Then because no village visit would be complete without it, we walked down to the amusement park.  I had never been on that carousel and Megan persuaded me to this time.  It was so much fun, then we went on the Superior Wheel ;)
We ended up staying longer then we meant to, because we had so much fun!

On Labor Day we returned, this time with the entire family (including Grandpa, and Josh and Theresa) since there was a discount that day.
(my beautiful parents posing while we were waiting for the rest of our party :)
It was a gorgeous day, blue skies, not to hot, with a little breeze.  God is good.

Theresa made friends with a bear as we passed by :P
Then we found some comfy rockers on a porch.  Quite patriotic don't you think?
Theresa had dressed period correct and made a lovely "prop" in some of the houses.
Talking to Mrs. Barns the village seamstress.
Yours Truly and a fantastic bike.
This wolfish looking pup was part of an Indian encampment, which also included....
...this enormous tepee.  The picture does not do it justice; it was at least 20-30 feet tall!
The Lady had many furs and turtle shells made into purses.  Fascinating!
At another civil war encampment they had a moose pelt!!  Along with a bear, and various other animals. 
Grandpa Learned taking a rest along the way :)
The light and smoke from the encampment made a lovely photo.
Again the trip would not have been complete without a ride on the Superior Wheel, which "most" everyone very much enjoyed.
For something different this time we took a ride on the picturesque Genesee Belle.  

So relaxing.
Beautiful, both the person and the surrounding.
Smiles all around!

There were birds galore, both on shore and on the water.  All in all it was a very relaxing and refreshing ride.  The breeze was quite lovely.
On our way back to the front, we made a quick stop by the the town hall where they had a amazing set up of miniature trains!
So the Summer season closed but we will be sure to stop by this winter and next year as well.  It is always an enjoyable visit!


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