Saturday, October 06, 2012

2nd Annual Harvest Party

The last Friday in September (also the day before the first day of Autumn) marked our second annual Harvest party.
Like last year the girls of the families were invited to come in the morning.  We had a delightful time making soap balls for our craft, delicately scented and rolled in pretty flowers and herbs. 
Then we served our Luncheon.  Creamy potato soup, garden angel biscuits, Zucchini melts, basil and mozzarella stuffed cherry tomatoes, and of course plenty of tea, completed our menu!
Once lunch was completed the preparations began.  We divided the girls into 3 groups and sent them about varying tasks.  Faith's girls were in charge of the pies, while Megan's and my groups each created breads, as well as sundry other side dishes and desserts.
We took a break in all our flurry (midafternoonish) for a snack, and also to practice the song that we were planning to serenade the families with.
 Then we got right back to work.  Everything went right on schedule so that when the time came we all were able to trot outside to pick flowers for decorations.  Soon the Families arrived and everyone gathered in the garage, since like last year it was a bit drizzly outside. 
 The garage was filled with chatter and laughter, as well as the smell of good food tantalizing the senses.  Everyone had a wonderful time and though exhausted I think all of the girls had fun making it happen as well!! 
My favorite part of it all.  Getting to spend time with these delightful daughters of the King! 

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