Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Charity's Birthday: A few days late

(This post was supposed to have appeared a couple weeks ago, but somehow got overlooked.  Enjoy)
Due to Tim and Grace's reception, and some other business, we were forced to move Charity's birthday celebrations a few days past the actual date.  But, I did manage to have a photo shoot with her on her actual Birthday.
Charity is a truly beautiful lady, gentle, thoughtful, and as firstborns apt to be, very very smart ;)
Over the past year Charity has taken over feeding and taking care of the chickens.  As with everything she was extremely thorough in her study of it all, and the chickens have flourished with her care.
She is also an avid book reader.  Very avid book reader. Charity started reading at an extremely young age, and hasn't stopped since.

Charity inherited Dad's beautiful hazel eyes and dark hair.
A woman of many interests Charity has been fascinated from childhood with bugs.  Bugs of all variety but butterflies in particular.  Every year she raises some sort of Caterpillar, from wiggly little green worm, to full blown gorgeous winged creature.

We finally got around to having our party and celebrated with Charity's requested brownie cheesecake swirl cake.

We are all very thankful for our oldest sister/daughter Charity Joy Sauve, and are extremely grateful for the good health God has given her recently!



Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Christianna, of a lovely woman. Especially happy to read the "good health" part!

Mrs. B

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thank you, and we are happy about that last part too! ~Chs