Saturday, November 03, 2012

Our Amazing Chicken

Here at the farm we are constantly watching and being amazed at the God given talent in His animals.  For instance, the laying of an egg.
Our new pullets that we raised from chicks this spring have recently begun to lay eggs.  One in particular has absolutely astounded us in the egg laying area.
Her name is Phoenix. She was an extra chick sent to us by the company, therefore her exact breed is unknown but we assume she is some sort of red-star/isa-red.
Here Phoenix is pictured with her first Dozen eggs.  Laid in 12 days!  As of today she has laid 45 eggs.  That's right, 45 days of straight laying.  Without a single break.
I think we have ourselves a keeper! :)  Now if she can just teach our other young chickens how she does it we will be overflowing in eggs!


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