Friday, November 16, 2012

The First Snowman!!

 It happened, one day later then last year, but it did finally happen.  The first you-can-actually-see-on-the-deck snow!!
It was November 12th, Monday evening when Dad, Mom and Josiah, came back with John from picking him up from the airport.  {He came up for Grandpa's funeral, sadly without his wife} The deck was just barely covered with snow, and of course the first thing on Josiah's mind was building a snowman.
 Sadie Rose looked on at the proceeding with interest.
 First using his hands, and then a broom to collect all the snow, Josiah worked hard to create his snowman before midnight arrived.
Ta-da!  The finished product, was actually a bit bigger than last years snowman.
So much so, that it lasted 3 days, though to be honest by the third day not even the snowman's mother would have recognized him :)


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