Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March - The Temperamental Month

As February draws to a close and March looms ahead of us, there is always a wondering - what exactly will the month of March bring?  It is truly an unpredictable time, and in the past 10 years alone we have had everything from beach weather, to blizzards all in this middle month which isn't really winter, but not quite spring.  Last year of course was unprecedentedly warm, and if I remember correctly, on this date last year we were basking (or sweating) under the oppressive not-so-spring temperature of 80 degrees!!!  Not this year.  But really we shouldn't complain; truly this is a more normal March (if there is a "normal") and much better for the trees and blossoms then last year.  And of course the ultimate reason is that God is in control of the weather, and knows exactly what he is doing.... so thank God for the snowflakes :)

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Even though it has definitely not gotten as warm as last year, we have had our March fluctuations.  Below are some of the extremes of this March.

During the warm spells...
Warm (read 40-50) day.

Just right for planting some seeds in the "tunnel" .

Happy little lettuce plants :)

Robins taking a chance and following the warm spell. 
(picture taken by Josiah)

 Running water

Plenty of mud = Happy Ducks

 Full ditch = Ecstatic ducklings!!!!

 Taking a nap after a long "swim" in the ditch.

 Sunny Duckies :)

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And on the other side (or the bottom of) the thermometer..... 
The Cardinals have been singing their Spring song ever since February, and though slightly befuddled, they do not seem ultimately discouraged by the latest down fall of white.

Red-wing Blackbirds are quite belligerent, and refuse to admit that spring truly isn't here.  In fact they sing the loudest when the snow is coming down ;)

I recently was blessed to read "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom and among other things I was struck by one passage when they are in Ravensbruck, and Corrie is complaining about the conditions. Betsie has her read a passage in 1st Thessalonians "Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus," and then they begin to give thanks, for everything, including the inconveniences.   It made me think.  As Christian, we are to be joyful, thankful people... even for snow and cold weather, because as everything, it comes from God.


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