Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Matthaei Conservatory, Once Again

This year we were once again delighted to be able to go down and visit the Matthaei Conservatory around my birthday.  This time we took Grace and Tim along as well as Charity who had not been able to make the trip last year.  Following are pictures (LOTS of pictures) from the conservatory.

{Blue Sky}

{I was so tempted to pick this ripe little pineapple and have it for lunch!}

{Pitcher plants}

{Simply Gorgeous Limes}

{More captivating Pitcher plants}

{Fig leaf}

{In the Cactus room}



{hmmm, Grace is either really tired, or very hungry!}

{Beautiful Herbs}

 {Mysterious Jungle}

 {My favorite plant by far, the Crown of Thorns}

We had an enjoyable visit, and now Josiah is convinced that we need to have our very own Conservatory.  Some day... some day.


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