Monday, June 03, 2013

The Invalid

So, anyone out there remember the old Fox and the Hound movie?  And in particular, the scene where Chief gets injured chasing Todd, and he is lying down whimpering, and saying "Oh look, they've come to see the In-vaalid"
Yes?  Well, we have our own invalid at our house.  Little Miss Sadie dog cut a chunk out of one of the pads of her paw, so we brought her in, put some med-cine on it, then wrapped it up, to insure that she didn't lick everything off within 1 minute.

 It really isn't that bad, but she looks adorably pathetic, and gimps around for sympathy. ;)

Oh, the wounds you receive while participating in the honorable occupation of romping around the yard and pond, and pouncing on snakes!  :D


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