Saturday, July 06, 2013

July/Summer = Fireworks!

 So with July upon us the the nights are lit with fireworks!  On the Saturday before the fourth, we made our annual trip down to Lake Lapeer for their display. 
It was impressive as always, and was enjoyed by all!


On Monday evening we decided to do our own display.  Josh was our pyro expert, and we were so happy to have our friends from the church and a neighbor down to watch our small fireworks. 

We had plenty of Sparklers and popcorn while the fireworks were all set up.

 Then Ka-Booom!!!  

While maybe not as professional as the fireworks around us, we had a lot of fun with our fireworks, and even more so because of the Christian friends who joined us for the evening.  I do believe we might make a tradition out of it! :)


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