Saturday, October 05, 2013

Where to Start?

I was going to just begin now, and not try to catch up on everything.  But that just wouldn't be right, so many exciting things... so the question now is...  Where on earth do I start?

Do I start the 3rd week of August with the horse show at Banbury, which was such a wonderful (if super hot and exhausting) day.

Or do I start the next weekend when I spent a few days up in Port Austin with Josh and Theresa helping Theresa at the farmers market.

What about the first week in September when Mom and Dad got away for a day to celebrate their 32nd anniversary.

Or the following week when Faith, Josiah and I were able to watch a fox hunt start off in Metamora.

I could tell about the first, and subsequent, super early frosts.

Then there was the wonderful week I spent up at the ELIM retreat at the tip of the Thumb helping in the kitchen.

Oh, and the delightful time we were able to spend with Annie, one of the missionaries at the retreat who stayed with us for a couple days.

Of course there is always something else going on here at the farm.. like did I ever mention that we had an Angora Rabbit?

You see what I mean, by having such a hard time choosing!!  :)


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