Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Even though Thanksgiving was a little later than normal this year, it seemed to come upon us rather suddenly.  We knew that we were going to hold our Thanksgiving at Aunt Carmen's house, and that we were going to be providing the Turkey, (one that we had raised and butchered ourselves) but some of the details didn't come together till the week of!  As it turned out Faith headed off to stay with, and help Aunt Myrt and Uncle Warren on Tuesday.  Thankfully she took all the stuff for the pies with her, since she is "the pie maker".

Back at home Mom and I managed to stay rather busy. :) We had a time slot schedule up on our wipe-off board for both Wednesday and Thursday to make sure we didn't forget anything.

Wednesday included brining the Turkey, making the brine for the duck, cooking squash, making cranberry sauce, crisping 2 batches of apples, beginning the rolls and finally, before we slipped off to bed, one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving - making the stuffing.  There are few things that smell as good as onions and celery fried in PLENTY of butter, and few things taste as good as bread soaked in said butter and flavored with herbs!! (in my humble opinion)

We didn't get to stay in our warm toasty beds very long, as my alarm went off at the unheard of time of 4:30, and with the exception of an hour nap in-between putting in the Turkey and kneading the rolls, it was non-stop from there!

We managed to take off in reasonable time, and arrived at Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim's ready to help.

Josiah, Mom and I, with the help of the kids, made fun Turkey shaped nut cups.

And Charity with more little helpers made some cute little candy Turkeys and Pilgrim Hats (Aunt Carmen's idea!)

Unfortunately our Aunt Myrt and Uncle Warren were unable to join us, but we ran a couple plates of food over to them right before we ate so they could at least join us in the eating of the feast!

As usual we had too much food, reflecting much to be thankful for.

To aid digestion before we moved on to pies, we had a quick time of singing, then an impromptu giving of thanks around the table.

Some of the many items of gratefulness were: Family, Music, Salvation, Jobs, a Godly Legacy, and the list went on and on...

We truly are so grateful for the blessing of being able to gather with family and give thanks to our Father, for our cup which runs over.


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