Friday, December 13, 2013


 At first Sadie Rose and Louie Armstrong didn't think they wanted a thing to do with each other... the old cat and dog thing you know.  Then Sadie was super interested and Louie, well carefully cautious.  
In time, they have learned to sort of respect each other.  Sadie is as always intrigued and eager, and Louie simply tolerates her attentions.

So would you call them friends.... maybe??? 

"Most definitely NOT."  Louie says in a dignified manner. 

"Aww but comee onnnnn... why not?  We look alike see see?  And I think we could be great friends..."  Sadie pleads. 

"No. final" Answers Louie with his kitty glare.

Poor Sades.... so lonely for friends...

(don't feel too bad for her though, I think Louie has a right to be suspicious. She has that funny look in her eyes like she is waiting for us to feed him to her. :P )


PS. Louie is healing extraordinarily well; he is even using the leg some. So in two weeks or so he will be leaving us.  

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