Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Making of Cider

It is over.  We have finally finished the last batch of cider for this year.  And sadly enough I somehow managed to miss getting pictures of most of the project.  But what I have I will share with you!
So, what does it take to have cider perpetually on tap in the fridge, with a good stock in the freezer for later?  Ahh, such a good question, with such a long and complicated answer.

To begin with, you need bushels and bushels of apples.  Preferably these apples were either your own, a friends, or a relative... in other words - free.  The next step, after cluttering up your garage with the multiple bushels, is to put together mixes of the apples for your cidering.  This means you must know the flavor of apples and therefore what combination would taste best together.

When you have selected your varieties, and made up the baskets to be used for this batch, they then must be brought inside and washed.

Mostly just rinsing will do the job but a few need some elbow grease scrubbing.

Once they are thoroughly washed, you must roll them out onto towels to let them dry. :)

{Apple carpet}

{this, and the next pictures are from Josiah's apple party. Somehow I didn't get pictures of this part of the process otherwise}

Now you must cut all the apples in half, just to make sure that there are no occupants. :) 

Once all your apples are cut, you can begin the grinding process; about three large bowlfuls of apples will fit in the press.  When your press is full, it is time to squish all your apples, and let the golden liquid drain into a pot.  Pour the full pot into a large crock.  Repeat process until your crock is full.  Now, leave the cider in the crock for three days to meld the flavors.

And then, only then, can you have cider on tap in the fridge!


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