Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Snowstorm that wasn't a "Hooey!"

I guess the scientists have taken to naming storms.  The ice storm was apparently christened with the name Gemini, and this huge dump of snow we received over the weekend has the appellation of Ion. 
Whatever the title of this storm, it sure was a doozy.  Saturday, Faith and I were discussing the supposedly upcoming snow storm. We thought it was rather silly how they were making such a big deal of it, and thought it was just because people were still scared after the ice storm.  So when we headed off to bed, I told Faith that I was convinced that this storm was "hooey!" (an expression from our new favorite movie) and that we would wake up with barely any snow. Sunday morning I walked into the kitchen, and Faith looked at me and said, "the storm was no hooey." 

And it sure wasn't.  That morning we had already accumulated 5-6 ish inches of snow, and it was still coming down!! 

Paths were quickly dug so that we could make our way to the animals; the sides of our walkways piled up to a couple feet. 

Sadie Rose thought that while this snow was very exciting, and she did like jumping in it and "swimming" through it for a time, she really would like it better looking out from the inside!! :) 

We cleared the driveway... once in the morning... again after noon... and finally at night we cleared off another 5 or so inches, and didn't make it inside till nearly mid-night!  =D 

The next morning our total was probably around 12-15 inches; it was hard to measure because of the drifts. 

It was SO deep in spots, and very beautiful.   But as the day wore on the tempurature began to drop... and continued dropping.

It was in single digits and super blustery, but the animals had to be taken care of, so out we went into the frigid world. 

Sadie loved dashing up and down the paths while we were out; her eyebrows were frosted over making her look like a raccoon. :) 

After shoveling the driveway multiple times the sides had grown into mountains.  We had to cut through one of the mountains to make a way for Faith to get to her bird feeder.  Therefore we dubbed it "La Birdie Pass".  :)  

We hope you all are staying warm and safe during this frigid weather (it was -14 this morning) and if things do warm up and melt this weekend as they say, we will have our canoe for rent. :D


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