Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There and Back Again: A Sauve Adventure Part 4

God truly answers prayer even about simple things like birthday celebrations.  7:30 Saturday morning, I received a text from John.  They had fixed the problem at work, and he wasn't needed any more; he could come home!!!  Hooray!

We had a lovely relaxed morning starting with a special breakfast of cinnamon bread french toast drizzled with our own homemade maple syrup.

Later that day we went out to the park right on the gulf.  The water rivaled the sky for blueness, and beat it for beauty.   

Angie was at the park with the Selah and her boys; Valor and Honor.  It was fun to get to meet Honor (who adores his Uncle John) who wasn't even born last time we were down at John and Mandi's wedding 3 years ago.

Hercules was a very good boy at the park, and got LOTS of attention from passersby. He's just so handsome they couldn't help asking to pet him I guess! :)

Honor wasn't so sure about Hercules, as he had been played with a little roughly by him before, and he thought it was pretty goofy that Uncle John let Hercules give him a hug.

We enjoyed walking out on the pier (though it smelled a bit fishy) and looking down at the water.

"Happy Birthday, Uncle John!!"

After lunch John, Mandi, Dad, Faith, Josiah and I headed out to see the USS Lexington museum.  It was magnificent.

They said that the deck could hold 3 football fields.

Below deck, the quarters were a bit cramped, but there was so much down there.

There was a barber shop.

Tight little metal berths.

A very interesting Pearl Harbor exhibit, a cafeteria, a chapel, and the list goes on and on.  

We spent over 2 hours there, and barely looked at half of it.  Definitely an amazing museum.  We had noticed the fisherman down below the ship.  It was amazing how shallow the water was there.   

Mother had made this amazing cake while we were gone.  Banana Chocolate Chip cake, in the shape of Texas... but his heart's still in Michigan. :)

We had such a large supper (Homemade Pizza) that we did presents while we digested. :)

And so ended our last full day in Texas.

The story is almost complete.


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