Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday's Wisdom: Abner Americanus

Predictions for 1957 
By Abner Americanus
{Supposedly written by a man in 1857 under the alibi Abner Americanus, these "predictions" for the year 1957 are almost contemporary in their essence. Have a look}
"I predict that in the year 1957 people will pay more heed to price than to value; will spend more for their playthings than their tools; will give more excuses than money to charity, and will invent 20 times as many ways to evade duty as they find reasons to fulfill it.
Parents will cry that their children have failed them, when it will be the parents more often who have tainted the lives of their children by low example. Science will make people live longer, but to many these added years will be more vexing than their former allotted span; the world will have learned what to do to lengthen life, but not how to brighten old age.
Men will have captured new forms of energy, but will not have conquered himself."

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