Monday, February 24, 2014

Here on the Farm

I have just recently realized that I have failed to mention some of the more mundane, everyday parts of life here on this farm on the blog.  So I have decided to introduce you to our flock of chickens.... our THREE flocks of chickens.
First there is "the big coop". This is our original coop, the one that was here when we bought the house, and as for the chickens, this would be our multi breed mixed flock.

We have everything from, Orpingtons (both Buff and White), Australorps (the black chicken in front), Easter Eggers, Silver-laced Wyandottes, plus a few Partridge Rocks, some Silver Giants and a Black Star.

And the names they have are fascinating as well. There's Amelia Earhart, Brigitta, Ophelia, Cheep-cheep, and then there's Sissy, Sassy, and Sunny, and Flossy and Bossy.  Not to mention Gertrude, Winona, Opal, and Matilda.  And that's not all of them. :)

All these (and more) charming ladies are headed up by our magnificent Buff Rooster, Meriwether Lewis!

Then there is the back coop, which is technically the "Rock" coop. (Not as in the music, as in the breed of chicken ;) ) 

Here dear Sphinx, one of our original chickens, resides along with some Blue Rocks.

The Rooster here is William Bradford.  (hmmm.. I guess we like historical names for our roosters huh?)

Bradford rules over a small group of 4 ladies, including Sphinx.

The other 3 are Midnight, Blue Moon, and Brooke.

The last of the coops (the little coop) hold the "frenchies" and a couple friends.

90% of the chickens in this coop are French Copper Marans, so we had fun naming them.  Marguerite, Clairette, Babette, Cosette.....

And for the rooster...
Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, or Marquis de Lafayette, or really for short, just Lafayette. :)

So, yes we definitely have fun naming our animals (and I didn't even begin on the ducks!!). How about all of you?  Any fun/interesting names of your pets or farm animals?


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