Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snowy Day Thoughts: The World's Problem

{Some thoughts that came to me while out in the snowy bitter weather this past week}

When "Straight" no longer refers to a direction, and "Cool" has nothing to do with temperature, when something is "Sick" and it doesn't mean it isn't feeling well, and "Gay" no longer means you are happy, and when "Sweet" is not a taste,  you know there is something very much wrong with your language.

There are times when I very much wish I could go back to the day when you were greeted with a "How are you?" (that was sincere) in place of "what's up?", when having holes in your jeans meant that you had worked long and hard, not that you paid an exorbitant amount for them custom "ripped" off the rack, when people said thank you and meant it, and were answered with a polite "you're welcome," instead of "no problem" or "don't mention it," when the elderly were respected and cared for, not despised and neglected, when you spent quality time with someone not just "hung out" on your respective electric social devices, and when children were cherished and trained, instead of being "an annoyance" and left to raise themselves.

But, then after wishing all that, I realize that it wouldn't solve the problem at all. After all, that is where this nation started (and I understand that there is a LOT more to this than the somewhat trivial, surface items that I have used for example here) and look where we have come.  Obviously there has to be something more than making an effort to go back to the morals standards and polite culture of yesteryear, because being fallible and fallen human beings we would just slide back again... and then it hit me.  That is it, we are fallible and fallen humans, and this is the world's problem....

The reason we have corrupted our language is because we have forgotten the One who created language. Why our morals are almost non-existent, stems from the fact that we have rejected the One who put rules and morals in place. The fact that the ethics that once ruled our nation are no longer in place, just might be because we have chosen to ignore the One that gave us His book from which to formulate our ethics.  And why we have ceased to respect and cherish life, is because we have deliberately and studiously, turned our backs on the One who not only gave us physical life, but also sent His son to earth who lived a perfect, righteous, just, honest, compassionate life.  And in order to reconcile His fallen, sinful, imperfect, unholy, dirty creation, He voluntarily gave up His life, and died on a cross, not just as a statement, but to completely and satisfactorily, once and for all, pay the debt for sin, those He had chosen for His own, owed.  A debt that no going back to a moral way of life could pay.  What wondrous love beyond comprehension.

But, that was not the end.  He didn't just die, but He lives!! The grave could not and did not hold Him, and now through Him, cleansed of our guilty stains, we too can live.

Because the problem with the world is not our twisted language, or our lack of morals, our problem is our rejection of redemption, which is our only hope.


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Corby said...

Thanks for the reminder! Lasting and redemptive change starts on the inside by the power and grace of God and leads to an outward transformation as He sanctifies.

Keep representing!