Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Broody Birds

Things are always better the way God made and intended them.  This could not be more true than regarding chickens.  As fun as it is to hatch chicks out in the incubator and raise them by hand, they are much healthier, happier, and less work if the mothers raise them!
Charity's Bantam hen, Nina, decided she wanted to go broody and since we really don't need any more Bantys, Charity purchased some polish and silkie hatching eggs.

They are absolutely adorable!

Little "Zorro"!

Out in the big coop Winona has her hands full with 16 little active fuzzballs.  We hatched them out ourselves in the incubator but gave them to this willing broody, who had been sitting on a few eggs.

One of her adorable chickies.

In the Maran coop there is a bunch of little gray and black fluffies running around after Margeruite our beautiful blue French Maran hen.

But we aren't done yet. We have two more hens sitting on eggs right this moment!

So if anyone would like to come see some little chickies, visiting hours are open! :)


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