Saturday, May 31, 2014

May's Feathered Friends and Forgotten Flowers

 May is already gone.  What a month.  So many things bloomed, hatched, grew, arrived.  Our little Crab apple Tree was fabulous this year, and so fragrant.  The perfume pervaded the whole yard!

 Back in our enormous Crab Apple bush (at least that is what we think it is) a little Robin's nest was tucked amongst the branches.  We actually had multiple robins nest in the various trees around the house, but this one was the only nest that didn't require a precarious position on a ladder to photograph. :)

The bush too, was overloaded with blossoms.   

Mamma Robin was rather protective of her fledglings, and kept hopping around the bush scolding me, and looking beautiful among the blossoms.  

The first batch of dandelions bloomed and have gone to seed.....  they were actually quite beautiful, white and fluffy.  

The front flower bed is overtaken with Columbines right now, their little bell shaped heads nodding downwards and swaying in the breeze. 

And the Poppies!!!  They might be short lived, but they are so vivid and full of life.  I love their feathery, paper like petals, and the way the stems grow in crazy shapes till they bloom. 

The Lily of the Valley is done now, but in its peak it was such a treat to walk along the front of the house, they smelled so lovely! 

Bird voices are everywhere.  Singing, quarreling, warning, fighting, or just warbling away in pure delight!

The gold finches are officially gold....

And the Humming Birds are back.  They are such personable little birds.  They actually let us know when their feeder is low.  Last year we had a nest in the front maple tree. Maybe they will stick around again! 

 The warblers have come through, and tease us from the tippy top of the trees,

 and the flashy Oriole made an appearance, multiple ones showing up at our orange many times each day.  They have now laid off coming (it might have something to do with the fact that we forgot to refresh their oranges) and most likely are out seriously setting up house keeping.

So there is a little re-cap on some of the beauty that has been around us during May.  Looking forward to what June will bring!!


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