Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Party Down by the River

Tuesday afternoon found our family joining Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim, and Aunt Myrt down by the river for a party....

Celebrating the birthday's of these two beautiful Ladies who we are SO blessed to have in our lives.
Mom and Aunt Carmen, though they are twins, are so very different from each other, uniquely wonderful, irreplaceable, with their own extremely special places in our hearts!

The cake was made in the shape of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, partly in memory of Grandma who loved lighthouses.

The other reason is that we had plans for going to the Fort Gratiot lighthouse that afternoon and climb all 100 and some steps!  But unfortunately a storm blew up and we had postpone our visit for a later date.

"Happy Birthday to YOU!!" {Something only a twin can do}

Aunt Carmen's gift to Mumsie was a beautiful, super soft, blanket with Africa on it!  Stunning!

Of course a birthday wouldn't be complete without having a ship go by.  We actually had two go by!

It was an absolutely lovely day by the water, (even if we didn't make it to the lighthouse).   We thank God so much for a Godly family, especially our Mumsie and Aunt Carmen!


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