Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cheaper by the Dozen... Almost

The day we had been holding our breath and waiting for arrived.  On Thursday afternoon Sadie Rose had her puppies.  
The first little girl arrived at 4:30pm, and after that boy after boy after boy popped out.  By 7:00 we had 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls.  

 {Tux, the second puppy and biggest boy!}

She took a bit of a break after that, but an hour and a half later she started again.  At 9:30pm the 9th puppy entered the world, the 3rd beautiful girl.  

We all kind of hoped that, that was that!  Sadie had been 1 of 9 and she only had 9 nipples so 9 was a good number we thought.  Sadie had other ideas and an hour later made it an even 10.  For sure that would be it! I mean that's quite a large litter!!  Nope.  11:30pm found us welcoming Mo (short for "the last of the Mohicans") who as his name implies was indeed the last puppy.  She almost made it to a dozen... just not quite. :)   

They all have temporary identification names.  Just to be able to tell them apart. :)

This is Major.  Handsome little guy!


Sleepy Stubby.

Little Dash didn't want to show his adorable peanut butter eyebrows. :)

Some of the puppies got "re-named".  This one is now called Skunk.

Sleepy girls, Fan and Solo.

Of course they are growing up SO fast, changing each day (these pictures are a few days old...) Their eyes should open any day now!!  

Puppy visits are open by appointment only.  Comment for reserving your time slot. :)



Anonymous said...

Many breeders tie a different colored yarn around the puppies' necks to distinguish / identify them.

Always love your blogs

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thank you for the tip! Thankfully these puppies have different markings which makes them super easy to distinguish.


Grace Mieczkowski said...

Hello Sauve family! I just wanted to notify you that you've been awarded the Liebster award! Check out our blog for more details: Have a wonderful day!
~ Lydia for the Mieczkowskis