Saturday, July 12, 2014


The celebrations continued into Saturday, when there was to be fireworks over Lake Lapeer (the best show around!!).  So we had a low key gathering before hand with hot dogs and 4th leftovers. :)

Mr. Reiche, Josh and Theresa all joined us for dinner, and hung around playing games and helping us water the garden while we waited for the time for the fireworks to arrive.

We were informed of this perfect spot to watch the show, oh, probably 4 years ago or so.  It's a little lawn in-between houses, and directly across from where they launch the fireworks.  The owners kindly allow anyone to camp out there to watch!

The performance was truly brilliant as always!  (and loud, Faith wore ear plugs during the entire duration. :) )

There was some creative ones that landed on the water and then exploded (don't ask me how) as well as the normal big colorful, booming ones, and smaller sparkly ones.

We even had a couple dollar signs, a star, and a smiley face (though it was hard to see, since it was smiling upwards....)

(had fun with my camera, playing around with what the fireworks looked like at different focus levels..)

The grand finale was indeed "grand", and we all cheered and then packed up and headed home. Another 4th celebration completely and officially concluded.


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