Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Bash and Visitors

I know August is already over half way done, but back at the beginning we celebrated a birthday!
Mom made this awesome cake for him, with one of his favorite verses (it was hard to select just one of course...)

We had a wonderful small family party the evening of his birthday.  But the next day we kind of extended the celebration, because Dad's sister Aunt Kathy from Utah, who we haven't seen in 6 or more years, and Dad's Aunt Bee (who Aunt Kathy was staying with) came for a visit!

Both "Aunts" loved visiting with little Robert Gabriel who was over as well!

Aunt Kathy enjoys researching our family history and ancestry, and had found some interesting information in the Bay City area which she shared with us all.  

Great Aunt Kathy

We enjoyed a lovely lunch under the willow tree; the weather was just perfect for it.

Dad and the Ladies! 

We managed to get a photo of all of us more or less smiling at the camera, even Momma Sadie Rose!! :)  It was a wonderful visit, and hopefully it won't be another 6-7 years before we get to see them again!


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