Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Sunflower Surprise

 I was out picking Sunflowers for a bouquet, one sunny day, and discovered this friendly little guy sitting on one of my flowers. The funny little creature would throw his (actually because of it's size it was probably a female so..) her, arms out in a supposedly threatening gesture whenever you disturbed her, but it kind of comically looked like she was directing music. Upon looking it up I found out that this Spider has the neat ability to change it's color depending on what plant it is on, to a degree. Mainly white and yellow, and green I think.

The proper name for the bright little thing, is Misumena Vatia, but it is more commonly known as the yellow crab spider, the flower spider, or the golden rod spider (named thus for being often found on golden rod in the fall). 
But I think that it should be called the Sunflower Spider. :)


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