Monday, September 29, 2014

Always Something New

It does seem, looking back on the past few years, that we are always getting into something else, picking up something new, trying something different.  Each new item/occupation always has a back story, and this is no different.
I think it's starts with us having some extra brushy ground that needed to be cleared.... or was it because the lady, who we met and became friends with through looking for milk for the puppies, had an extra wether she was getting rid of. Or maybe it was both of those combined with the fact that some people in our family have never gotten over their irrational affection for goats.  Anyway, our brushy area is now fenced in and we are the "proud" owners of 3 meat goats.

Lamancha's are definitely not our favorite breed, but with horns they do look a little better... besides they have a sure end.

The turkeys aren't too sure about their new neighbors.

"Who are you??"

But... that's not the complete story, there is a side trail to it. 
Josiah and Faith were on their way to pick up 2 of the goats when they saw something huddled in the middle of the road....

That "something" was this adorable little kitten. She was very skinny, but other than that was really in beautiful shape.

She is really the sweetest kitten ever, extremely friendly and laid back. Not at all aggressive. Just down right sweet, but a little mouthy. :)

Her markings are truly unique. She has little dashes and patches of saffron or cinnamon color here and there, which after much debate and multiple options, have resulted in her being named "Saffron" or "Fronsie" for short.  We did post "found" signs, but haven't heard anything, which, along with the location where we found her (a dirt road with no houses on it) confirms are suspicions that she was dumped.

We are  hoping to turn her into a barn/garage outdoor cat to help us take care of mice... but right now she looks pretty comfortable inside don't you think? :D


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