Saturday, December 06, 2014

A Thankful Celebration!

This year one of the things we were thankful for was the house that we have lived in for over 7 years now, and were delighted to be able to host Thanksgiving in this house for the last time.

Josiah was put in charge of making our annual nut cups... lets just say they were way more detailed then we have ever had before! We have had everything from Turkeys, apples, cornucopias, and leaves. Oh, and one year we had a pathetic version of the "Mayflower" which really more resembled a little round tub, or a floating crows nest with a mast in it. :)

So Josiah decided to make a Ship nut cup again. This time though he started out with a historically correct drawing of a ship of the time period, and began his draft.

This was the final result. The details are impressive.

The kitchen was very full Wednesday, between, Gingerbread cookies, our traditional spiced nuts, a variety of Cranberry sauces,

Plus of course pies...

Faith is the Queen of pie making, and this year she over did herself (truly, we ate pies for breakfast and snack that weekend. Which was really just fine! :).

1 plain Apple pie, a decadent Sour Cream Apple pie, a tangy Cranberry Apple, and 2 Pumpkin pies.

I had way to much fun decorating our tables this year.

Thursday morning, Josiah had finished his whole fleet of ships (with help from Faith, Mom and Dad). He said it was a Spanish Armada... or since this was Thanksgiving, a "Pilgrim Frittata" :P

We each have our "thing" that we are in charge of for Thanksgiving. For Faith it's the pies, Mother of course.. it's her famous Rolls.

Another major thing we were grateful for this year was being able to have Aunt Myrt join us!!

Enough food? :)

We were also happy to have Aunt Pat (Uncle Tim's sister) with us to this Thanksgiving!

In addition to the 5 pies Faith made, we had a Sweet Potato Pie, a Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, and Aunt Lucy's famous Chocolate Pecan Pie! Uhuh.. too much goodness.

Charming Baby Gabe was a little put off by all the new faces at first, but after a nap he was his own smiley goofy self.


Piggy Back rides from Uncle Josiah.. only the beginning.

We have so much to be thankful for all year round, but it was wonderful to be able to gather with family for a special Thanksgiving celebration!


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