Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We hope to be able to have many people come up to our new "castle" and fill it with friendship and laughter in the future (especially once we have finished some remodeling) :)  And we were thrilled to start that last week with our friends the Roehrers.
The Roehrers are also interested in farming and sustainability, and were very excited for us and our newly acquired land. :)

Josiah loved showing the boys around the back acres.

One of our favorite things to show everybody is our big 'ole Oak Tree.

Josiah measured it and figured out that this massive oak has been around since before the Revolutionary War... (yes, I mean as in 1776... War for Independence) We are pretty proud of our Liberty Tree!

After our exertions outside, we all tumbled indoors for lunch.

Some people sat around and chatted, Josiah had a major audience upstairs looking at his rock and coin collections, with random bits of historic information mixed in.

Meanwhile Faith, Miss Megan, and I finished up with lunch prep for the hungry multitude.

After our satisfying repast, we again visited the great outdoors, this time to trudge all the way across the marsh and bog to our very back acre.

It was quite the mild day (mid-high 30s!!) so the snow on the ground was just right for creating snowmen...

And for snowball fights!!!

The war, with frozen objects instead of lead for missiles, was still in full swing when we made it back to the house. And those who wanted to dip into the intellectual and discuss the various aspects of farming (a warming subject in mid January) had to keep half an eye out for stray bits of shrapnel. :)

As did Miss Mary, who much preferred to use the snow to form peaceful little smiling men, than to lob it at her fellow human beings.  
The war, discussion, and sculpting all eventually came to an end, and our house soon was heated with many people (some sweating from their un-bloody battle). Laughter and conversation now competed for the air waves, as some of the younger groups started games in the lower level of the house, and the exchange of wisdom continued on in the upper level. 
The evening ended (as all days must) and our friends packed up to head homewards to their own farm, leaving behind a delightful day at our little "castle". (at least we thought so! :) )


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