Friday, March 13, 2015

Remodeling - Indoors (Part 2)

The original Kitchen was a bit too small for our culinary style, and all the other things we do in the kitchen, so we decided to turn the "sitting room" into our dining room, and then expand the kitchen into what was the dining room! :) Just call us the "re-arrangers!"

First we bought and installed some new cupboards.

So nice to have enough space for all our many many dishes!! :)
The reason for the choice of color on our new cupboards was that the original cupboards in the main kitchen were dark, depressing, un-inspiring, brown...

Very much due for a make over!

So in comes the White paint. :) 

This was done in stages over a few days, (Taking off the doors, sanding them, priming them, sanding and priming the cupboards, finish painting the doors..... ) and we kind of got used to not having to open the doors to get stuff out of the cupboards! :P

You see Even with the light green paint and sunny window, the dark cupboards just threw a damper on everything. I couldn't wait to lighten the mood and smile at the fresh clean whiteness!

Down in the cold basement (the only place we had room) was where I conducted my operation. 

Everything took longer to dry, as a result of the chilly air, and to my perturbation, the dark wood soaked up the pain and required more coats then I had hoped. 

Meanwhile up in the kitchen, another step of remodeling was taking place. Removing the dingy, dull and dreary counter, which had seen one too many dishes of food and scrubbing of sponges.

Dad and Josiah were kind enough to lay down a temporary plywood counter, for the intermittent period. (you can't just stop eating and cleaning dishes for 2-3 days!)

After some nail biting decision making, and lots of back and forth, Mom and I chose the counter replacement and we were happy to have it installed neatly for us.

Dad went to purchase a new faucet for the kitchen sink, and I had to smile when he came home with this... :) (for those of you who don't know, that's the name of the Therapeutic Horse Riding Center that Faith and I volunteer at)

It looked stunning in our brand new - yet uncluttered- clean counter.

The extra cupboards looked spiffy too, now all finished off with a top (dare I say we missed just dropping the silverware into the drawer when there was no counter on top! )

Down in the basement, doors and drawers were still being painted, and making their way up the stairs and back on the cupboards.

Here's one of the first finished drawers! So much cheerier!

And here it is completed!! I can't tell you the different atmosphere it makes in the kitchen! I'm so so happy we decided to do it. :)

These photos were taken in the evening, so the lighting isn't the best... but it was a "quick take a picture now before dishes and everything gets piled up again!" :)

We still have a few finishing touches we would love to get done in here (a blacksplash, hanging some decorations etc.) but I'm proud of how much we have done! And now with the nice weather creeping around... I have a bad feeling about many indoor projects.


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