Friday, June 05, 2015


It happens every spring... the promising of "not too many chicks mom," the dragging out and cleaning of the incubators (since the Broody Mom's aren't starting early enough), the ordering of eggs of special breeds, and the watching, collecting and setting of our own eggs. 
Then comes the 21 day wait.

But it's all worth it when these cute little fluff balls hatched out!!
At first the little cuties lived in our house, but, thankfully Charity had 2 broody hens who with some slick moving, excepted the babies as their own!!! (Hey, those hens had the shortest sitting time ever! :P)

It's always best the way God made it to be.. raised by a Momma!! 

Learning how to find bugs... Mmmmm Yummy!

I love how the Hens find little bits of grain and pick them up and drop them over and over in front of the chickies.. to teach them.. Good Momma!


All the blondies.. The Hen actually rejected some of the darker chicks... so biased.

Thankfully Olivia, the rock hen, wasn't so picky. :)

Charity also had a Silkie Hen that went broody, and combined with some she put in the incubator she ended up with 11 little puffy chickies. Silkies kind of look like half rabbits half chickens.. :) 

(above photo, A natural egg picture, Josiah made for a contest this spring)
So, there is a peak at the fluffies that have been invading our farm. And believe me, these were just the beginning batches.. I've lost track of how many we have now.. 


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